The White Bag Thread v2



Give me your secrets

i want that fame…


waait a sec… 97k fame? holy shit.


got a geb wand but forgot to install lightshot on this pc but here it is a picture of it in my vault



also not anything good but ill take it lol


Thats a lot of st rings


i know :frowning:



Based on your death history, ‘Git Gud’

In all seriousness, play on 1 character. Don’t do anything that has a high risk of death, such as LH. Grind the hell out of parasite chambers and o2, and any dungeon that guarantees more than 1 1 fame. Also crack open tinkerer chests on that 1 character, and play on it, and nothing else, for over a year.


another triple bag owo




first one :slight_smile:





Oh yeah, I got this vanity yesterday.


oh look another white bag that i already have and I don’t want


Getting mixed messages here

Also, why would you not want cutlass?


already have one, also i didn’t get a white bag in so long (2 days) so this was pretty cool. also it was on ppe, but i didn’t want cutlass specifically. i just liked that it was a white bag