The White Bag Thread v2



@Ecookied More garbage.


I am NOT garbage, sir!

Rest in pieces to that bracer


It you don’t want it why hit the chest?


I want UBHP. :angry:




Didn’t post it, but i got a UBHP in my last shatt chest.


Alien white drop rates are insane. Got this one on my trix ppe im starting up:





Could you fuck off. Less than 24 hours after my ninja died, I get this golden dildo. The game is making fun of me, I swear. 4 Rays in my RotMG career, no other event whites. Go fuck yourself.


Ok, let me ask you this, If you don’t want a ray why hit the rock dragon?


Ok, let me ask you this, if you don’t want to see other people get white bags, why look at the white bag thread?


Idc if people get them.


omg black bag
(it was a cutlass)


ornaments and pots



First white from keyper in awhile, but wish it was event white.


This was unexpected. Did not even know the ornament dropped from there (Heroic UDL), or anywhere. Shame it’s not the red one as then I could complete the last set with less grinding.


inverted colors=loot?