The White Bag Thread v2


when you paid money and got the samu st set twice and the skin but only got the sword and ring
def not me



And nothing too special.


This game, sometimes, …

For months I’ve been doing Mountain Temples looking to complete the Samurai set. I got the first three items pretty quickly but the Waki eluded me. The set is viable without it but I always like to complete a set before trying it, to see for myself how it works.

So the event was ideal. I already had the full Warrior set, so only was interested in the Waki which I duly got yesterday, completing the Samurai set.

And then what do I get in the MT chest? Only another Waki, no more than 24 hours after completing the quest for one.



my first lod of the event i got another helm


besides the st samu ring i just got, only ever got the katana before which i died with like 5 minutes later(over a year ago) :confused:


smh have 7 kazekiris but never got a kamishimo finally got one from event finally finished the set


Thanks to @Campfires for inviting me


Getting this damn thing gave me a migraine.


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But why in the white bag thread?


some pet food


@Xaklor I got my samurai skin from a chest d:


I typed that message in-game in response to me getting this thing as a drop:


I know they exist :P


Wus dat


a samurai skin


Isn’t it Chinese trickster?


t’was a joke
the curved blade makes it look like the character is holding a katana not a dagger



I’m fun at parties I swear…