The White Bag Thread v2


It’s considered to be the best dps robe in the game while having almost no drawback, also provide a small bit of mp and wis to help with ability usage, best use on classes such as wizard to maxemize his already strong dps, also it looks really cool.


tks for the info GRIMTAN :smiley:


seems nice


I’ve already had it, but it’s the only LH white bag item that I have lost so far and I missed it. Good to see it back!


Double white from prismimic.


forgot that this existed. At least its not the st trap this time, I’ve gotten like 30 of those.


didnt get an ss but I got this.


finally. I’ve never managed to get a not tiered skull before. What makes that worse is that necromancer is one of my favorite classes.


1k fame ppe flex


First dungeon back was an UDL, got a fancy DBow!


2nd nest with da 2yr old ppe




Hello my friends. My first post on this forum was in the original white bag thread, nearly 3 years ago. It was a picture of me getting a void blade. For some unknown reason, I feel compelled to share the other Void Blades which I’ve received (found? discovered? obtained?) since then:

I still have every single one. At this point it feels like if I put them on a katana class and died it would be more like losing a friend than losing an item.


I just wanted to lvl up my storage char. St and white. I still can’t believe this happened.


cronch cronch cronch cronch (sound of me wearing a Candy-Coated Armor) eat me up! eat me uppppppp!!!


Finally got my first white!



the only white i needed from prismimic i got from the 1 sew i decided to do for a daily scout quest


don’t even know what this is lol




That star mother sitting in the floor making me nervous ;-;