The White Bag Thread v3


bee hat btw
also saw @Hyeperion here (MaliwanTwo)



first o3 top after 8 completes! Not the best one, but at least its usable :slight_smile:


As I watch this thread (and a couple other applicable ones), I’m seeing both larger groups that have survived O3 and less graves littering the arena on the screenshots. :slight_smile:


Discount Toga,

and a Maelstrom Spell. Acquirement requirement: use Bulwark for >90% of the fight.



heal mheal elec woulda been a dream ngl. still pog tho


That’s the first time I’ve even heard anyone mention they got a natural legendary pet egg! Incredible…

My luck extends to 6 rare eggs, but I wish they were more useful…






6th helm, still no stinger. I feel like generally this is the preferred white bag, but I really want a stinger for my rogue!


(playing wiz for top damage, got it 2 times in a row)



Oh yeaaaah




Welcome to the club.



Hakurei Reimu skin <3 <3 <3 First Touhou gal I knew before Marisa and couple others.

Would be nice if I can get that on my Sakura account too.




Never got one before. on ppe too so i guess ima wear it