The White Bag Thread v3


got two whites and a st today when someone nice guy chained ice caves




I also got rusty cuffs but i took this screenshot and lost that picture


I’ve done that before… not that I take many pictures to begin with, but it doesn’t help if you’re needing definitive proof put somewhere.



Miscellaneous White Collection


well im not super torn about it because it’s the worst piece in the set to get individually.


hey! i got the set
: D

i have a few screenshots that i forgot to post,
here they are: (5/20 - 5/22)

green still needs to get the cube skull…so i’ll still be grinding some 3ds while the event stays up


adding these 3, got these towards the end of today



(died same o3)

accidentally drew a red line on this one


check out my amazing whites from an epic chest and a voided chest!



REAL :pog: NOT STAFF : |



5/23 whites/sts dump

got another cubic frame, but on the necro that already has it xd


Forgot to post them yesterday:

2nd one BTW. MHeal only Knight gave me a good start.

When you literally ran out of option what to sac to prevent Forgefire overflow… you ended up sac’ing your favorite white bags just to try something new. Yeah, using it on my Knight RN.

Never realize ST is possible in TRoom. Deca, plz buff TRoom appearance chance <3

I mean, a back up is nice.

From Lost Halls (aka armies of autoclickers) Discord. Had clean MBC + Void (except had to chow down couple HP pots after VEntity switched to dying animation.

Now… I just need Ryu’s Blade to complete the set again. My ST luck in MT is decent… but not white bag luck… Plz give me an actual Fallen.

What are the odd of getting 2 ST’s from 1 Lich? Soulless + Bearer luck are decent but not the ring.

From Null. Just need the Robe, except I finished Exalting Attack on Samu (no more Shats for a while). Sword Rune from Archmage as well.

First Nest white after 50+ Nests. Didn’t even get to try it and sac’ed for Colo Sword.

Funny thing is the diminutive of “sacrifice” is “sack”, even though I say it without the “k”.


Doin’ some sprites with the cutie. I wanted a Rapier on this Paladin, was too lazy to forge one, aaand she ended up getting one in the next Ruins >.>


5/24 whites & st dump


wha- huh my luck is usually so bad tho. . .