The White Bag Thread v3





Heh, got the same white myself a couple of hours ago. I was so shocked by it after (thankfully) picking it up and saying “White !” I hit ‘R’ before I could screenshot the bag. The only one of the Oryx/Mad God Mayhem whites I’d not already gotten. Will not be so surprised by it next time, hopefully.


A neat 30/40 for forging…something. Maybe. I actually dunno.

Doin’ some Snake Pits with @Hellblabe, got this. Pretty coole. Traded it with her for something else…but I forgot what!

The most critical part for the forging of the strongest wand I can readily achieve, the Soul’s Guidance.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get any skins during the few WLabs I did :<

In the hunt for 2 sprite wands to get the missing 20 common forge material, I got this one Sprite World after getting the 1st wand.
It took me way too many to even get a singular Sprite Wand - and I cleared them out completely!


And tying in with this post, my first Oryxmas white!

Plus an Exaltation for my wizzy to go along with it. Nice.


First 2 fungus of event


Instead of sprite wands, I would suggest hunting pcaves, snake pits, or forbidden jungles. Pcave ring has the same 15 silver forge and about a 1/3 drop rate, and pcaves take like 30 seconds to find
(A main way I feed my pet is forging EPs to feed because they only take 60 silver)


Why not Planewalkers? Those have more FP for the same price!

And yeah, I did consider those, but Sprites are much more common to find compared to the earlygame dungeons. Plus, I had the chance for an instant 20 from either EP or Plane, and I’d still get decent fame in the progress.
For real though, I didn’t expect it to take over like, 10 sprites to even get one Sprite Wand…


I… apparently dont have planewalker unlocked. Huh.
And I guess that makes sense with the white chance too in sprite


@XBlaz This was too good to not put this here!
Forwarding it. (;



dang that st deathmage ring…


Give me that Levi and T7 Quiv plz… My Archer + Rogue wants.


My alt is too lucky, literally a few hours of playing today


Just 3.75 hours of realm clearing since the BP came out. WTF


ice ep :eyes:


ppe luck is fucking real omg


Blessed ppe


white bag dump


a friends loot from this event, 680 exalts loot boost putting in work