The White Bag Thread v3


it’s funny how you can see my damage go up by 40k every time a new tracker joins the runs.

Special thank you to @afkjafk @prefedois @tennis for tracking

especially special thank you to tennis for dying.


this game sucks.


not sure what to say


This is why I don’t TP. Spamming teleport and getting an event white is too EZ.


How you get your opacity so low to where u can’t see anyone


registry edited





Wait what? Double Ray is a bag???!!


For the 2x event white event, the drop rates for the individual items were unchanged. Instead, DECA added a second instance of the white bag item that could drop in each bag, which had resulted in a few of these. The subreddit has more examples.


14,000 bulwarks


Event white hits the stonks market.


can’t you take sarcasm


wasted gold clover, woulda been mad if i didnt get at least 1 white/st, but this is pog


Got @Kageboshi on a sparse Realm.

My responses:

If I get a Kageboshi, I wouldn’t be surprised.

A minute later…

Oh, I really got a Kageboshi. Not bad.

Third Event White so far. Feed power or no?


I never know what to tell you specifically regarding fp.


It’s not really worth using unless ninja is your favorite class. Even then it’s kinda eh but can be ok


I’m honestly just hanging onto my three kageboshis in the hopes that DECA someday buffs them and they become good; I have no ninjas right now, but it’s my favorite class so I hope it someday gets a rework.


Somehow I got another Sphinx on Dummy. Good ring for Priest/Sorc but still wish I can give this to Sakura. Just w8ing for the Fame Rework then I start to play on Dummy.