TheEliteDragons NPE Contest #1 [Prize Pool: 10 Decas]


UPDATE: Prizes have been increased to 5/3/2 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively!

Not a huge competition. Mostly just for fun :> pls join

Ends on 1/26, btw. So many errors ._.

Thank you to @Zuzu for dumping a load of Decas! Thank you to @Dbiz as well for supplying one!

Two things I forgot to mention: Mistake gear and event items will not be counted. Reskins will grant the same number of Points as the original version.

Dbiz's Trash PPE Thread (that is still better than Maddymoon's one no matter what Maddymoon says)

Is there a higher res version of this? Ivan then really read the rules… but you can count me in! Can we have it wait until after the shatts event though?


Original post has been fixed. Sorry about that.

Yes! The competition’s start was specifically set to take place right after the Shatts event, which ends on 1/12.


Nice :smiley: thanks


Hey… Lod whites and esben skull aren’t that rare… Why’s Stinger not 7 points like the other cool whites. And if we’re going off court shit shouldn’t thicket sts and htt whites be in 7 too? Bee bow at 3? That’s pretty rare. Why’s st bard robe and ring inexplicably under bow? Fungal Breastplate may be shit but it’s considered rarest of the fungal whites by most.



I wasn’t expecting a Realmeye thread on this :no_mouth:


The Stinger’s placement is actually a mistake. Many of the items were not only ranked based on rarity, but their overall usefulness as well. Which, I will admit, does poke at many opinions.

Edit: Stinger has officially gained “cool white” status.


Its because items are based on strength not rarity I think


Sorta. Mostly a balance.


Wait when does it end?


I forgot to state that, didn’t I? xD
How about we make it two weeks? Also, the competition starts at dawn 1/13, not midnight 1/13. Fixed that as well.


See, usability is subjective and that’s why you can screw up making a list like this. And if it was usability you were grouping by then why’s bloody cloak higher than for example O3 whites? Why’re Gemstone, Beer God whites in the same tier as O3 whites for that matter. Fulmi in 3 points? Is it that bad?

I feel like this is a mix of usability and drop rate which makes it look rather strange. Try to keep it to 1?

sorry for sounding so passive aggressive


Nah, you’re good. The whole thing just puts me in a pickle in general, since making a “ranking” of UT items and posting it in a public space like a forum is literally asking, “Hey! Please argue here! I want disagreements!” I put Beer God drops worth 7 Points because no one bothers going for him, and I wanted to reward those who took the extra step to do something that deviates from the usual RotMG “norm.”


I agree with that logic with the CoO dungeons, at least. I’m not asking for a change with the Beer God, but I’ve seen more splotches of his ground since the last major update than I have most of my Realm career. Just an observation.


cant wait to be the first dead to a medusa :+1:t3:


Ikr ima die before level 20 and be super salty lol


not official yet, but it looks like @Zuzu is boosting the prize pool to 20 decas.

Y’all better join or I’ll get all of them


ill join, and maybe ill give something to the prize pool too.


Dang 20 decas I better get at least one or two😂


Zuzu suggested that for places 1/2/3/4/5 the deca distribution will be 10/5/3/2/1 or 7/5/4/2/2. However, Gamma (who is running this thing) suggested 5/3/2/0/0
@GammaGamer any official word on this?