This server lag


I just lost to character within 1 week. One of them an 8/8 knight, and the other a 3/8 warrior. Im honestly sick of this s&#*. You should at least warn players about upcoming downloads that will ruin peoples day and love for this game. If I can get a revive that would be amazing, the warrior.




Lag will always be an inherent risk in playing this game. Also, DECA doesn’t read these forums and even if they did, they would never revive your Warrior.

And I agree with CandyShi, what are you talking about when you say:[quote=“Romainip, post:1, topic:11580”]
You should at least warn players about upcoming downloads



Did you lose a card game to a RotMG character?

Perhaps you meant shit.

My apologies, fidget spinner videos take a lot of bandwidth.

You can’t sorry.

#In short -


Hi, welcome to the forums :cocktail:

:point_up_2:Threads discussing lag fixes

:point_up_2: Death thread where you can share your deaths

Lag is already a known issue. Learn to identify lag, don’t get greedy, learn to close the game when needed. Dying sucks, but learning from your deaths doesn’t!


Good. I once lost 3 characters within an hour.

Everyone is, its just something you have to get used to since the first creators of the game had only two months to code this game for a contest which results in some pretty bad problems later on, and fixing this would take a lot of time, money, and attention away from the community.

What does downloads have to do with this game?

Sorry in advance, but when I see people ask for revives on the forums for deaths that happen all the time, I get extrenely triggered. This game is permadeath, and is designed to give absolutly no mercy to any type of death (with exceptions of some server-hijacking deaths like swatsec). Whether its lag or poor attention or even someone hacking your account, no excuse, no mercy. Get used to this kind of thing and just rebuild your character from scratch since nobodys gonna do a thing about that death.


Your demands are more amusing than your losses.


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