Tips on MBC?


I need some tips on mbc. Please help. I literally can’t manage to get past it.


Which phase gives you trouble? Survival?


Ummm… the one where there is like 3 different orbs circling around that shoot things that give bleeding, slowed, and other status effects.


Marble Core

Know how many of these things are floating around?


Odd did not mean the Marble Core that you shown.


They are the gray ones


I know he’s not talking about the marble cores. If he can remember how many are out then I’d know which phase is giving him trouble.


I’m pretty sure that there is three


Links : (< this one is a guide, I usually don’t find guides too useful but maybe you will) (< this one skip to 1:05, that is where the fight begins)
watch it and put reply to my message and tell me the timestamp for the phase you have trouble with, for example if the phase at 4:00 is tough for u just put that in the reply
also my own tips, it sounds like you’re having issues with the “drive-by” things, and yes they can do a lot of damage I’d advise you try to dodge in between the shots and also don’t panic and run with the drive by, run opposite to it so at most you’ll tank one shot, which is much better than running with the drive by and tanking everything and dying.


he’s talking about after the first two keys die and you drag to top wall.


i am pretty sure you are talking about when the first two yellow cores (keys) are killed and the group drags mbc to the top wall.

He starts to circle the room and then shoots out two more keys going in opposite directions.

My best piece of advice is to wait in the corners behind the towers. When a key starts to come by, follow with it and shoot it until you get to another tower. Stop at that tower and wait behind it until the next key comes. Follow that key back to the tower you were just at. Rinse and repeat.

This should help you not get hit by stacked drive bys ( those are the grey cores that shoot different color shots while circling the room.)


Im having trouble too. during tenticle survival and also those annoying drive bys


I have struggled a lot with MBC survival, and I still am not 100% with it, but some of the biggest tips I can give you is to obviously turn your opacity down as low as it can go, and push up off the wall and actively try and damage the keys that go around, while still dodging, of course. Also, fill up your inventory and backpack with hp pots.


Can you give me the link to how to set it lower than 50% please? My computer has been struggling a little bit with 50%


There is a video on it here, and I’m probably going to look into it myself, because often times I can’t even see shots in survival.


I also struggle with the drive-by phase.


I’ll watch the video at lunch, tysm!


Alright, it’s the second key phase where the towers are shooting, the mbc is shooting, and there is drive-bys


in that case, just use my tips and anyone elses, and don’t run with the drive bys. Also it’s alright to leech and play safe, learn the phase first.


Dude, I know what phase you’re talking about, in fact I used to have trouble with this phase also! I’d say the best advice is to stay with the group, and spam hp pots if you get low. If you can’t stay with the group, there is a strat I found out about. Stay in one of the corners of the boss room, and when one of the grey rocks come, move in the same direction as the rock, wait until the shot spread out, and move through the shots. It can be inconsistent I will say, but practice makes perfect!