Toxic Players


I got my first Kogbold completion today. I returned from a long break after a few months, so I wasn’t really around for the drop. I was a bit intimidated by the dungeon, but today I tried it for the third time and we completed it. Surprisingly I didn’t find it all too hard!

Once I got back into realm I said “Just got my first Kogbold completion, doesn’t seem super hard!” and a player started calling me out about how its been out for so long and how I’m bad at the game because I’m just now finally getting completions. Well, I defended myself and said how I just got back from a break and he just kept calling me “mad” and “ur so mad”

Why are players like this? I seriously am thinking about quitting this game again just because the community is so insufferable. To be honest, it DOES upset me to have to be exposed to such shitty players.


Just ignore such players. They are begging for attention. Their problem, not yours.


Pretty unavoidable with sign-up being free, anonymous and open to all. There’s a theoretical lower age limit but no checks to enforce it.

If anything the ROTMG community is much less toxic than many I’ve encountered with similar constraints. I think the nature of the game is a lot to do with it, being low stakes and collaborative, so people just want to get along and help each other.

But there’s always some with poor social skills who can’t help make things worse for everyone else. Just ignore them, or if it is especially offensive or rises to the level of harassment then report them.


I’m first concerned by the fact that you didn’t censor the player’s name. Yes, their name may have been in the public chat unless they privately messaged you, but it just doesn’t sit right with me to just casually throw around the names of people you don’t like. You could at least say that “this one player started calling me out” instead. If you really wanted to expose them for doing something bad, then just report them to DECA.

As for the actual problem, it sounds like they were just projecting. I’d know from personal experience. As others have already said, just Ignore them and move on, or if you’re really upset about it, then report them.



Im going to go against the grain here. Don’t send a report for this. this is not bannable


I watched this go down, I watched him say 2 things in public chat, and you blew up.
You were freaking out swearing, and saying “k/y/s” (which isn’t even allowed to be typed on a forum.) which I don’t think you happened to mention on this post.
You are clearly seeking attention when you were obviously in the wrong. The kid has posted his response on here too since you are baiting calling the community toxic. When you used 1/3 of the most toxic actions in a virtual community.


the plot thickets, Mr Moderator please don’t close this thread while I grab the popcorn.


Hi Zen,
I am the player you encountered last night.
I am really glad you turned to the forums to play the victim card.
I encountered Zen last night, and yes we did speak about kogbold completions.
He mistook me for speaking down about his completions and reacted quite heavily and ironically very toxic.
I have screenshots of chat log.
Zen proceeded to swear, and tell me to take my own life. Again i have screenshots. The reason he turned to the forums is because i blatantly told him he will be receiving a mandatory 2 week ban for breaking “TOS”

As simple as that, I am glad you turned to the forums, and you take everyone advice here. Including mine form last night. You should choose your words wisely, and not got mad an nothing.



Wow okay, this is really interesting now


Would you be comfortable sharing this in the forums? You can censor to avoid getting punished for it, and you don’t have to if you’re not comfortable. It’d just be more credible to actually see what happened.


jesus christ abort mission I repeat throw away the popcorn


@Mathician With all do respect I do not want to show chat logs for multiple reasons. One I don’t want anyone to be harassed. 2, I would like Deca to handle this situation without any outside gaslighting. Continuing on with the conversation, I think his response on this forum is enough to reinforce what he said.
I’m not mad.
I am not bothered.
No one should be told to take their own life.
Its a federal crime.

The plot thickened when he made the forum post.
Please ditch the popcorn, I don’t like drama.
And in all reality if this post could be taken down that would be amazing. Chat logs will be shared with deca support since he reinforced what he said in game on another forum.



Federal crime :rofl:; That’s how you know someone is american



Third topic on the forums about toxic players where it turns out the OP is the toxic one.