Toxicity is ridiculous, false reporting too?


And I thought all the kids are playing fortnite so other games are free from immature twats, I guessed wrong. And false reporting, abusing the system…




I feel like that could be sarcasm but I can’t say for sure since there’s no context.


Reporting doesn’t exist. You can’t even get banned IF YOU POST PROOF OF YOUR CHEATING.


I somehow feel the other guy is talking in chat a tad too seriously for it to be sarcasm.

name should be censored but w/e


maybe not sarcasm, but definitely seems like trolling if this is the only context we’re being given. also, I’m pretty sure DECA doesn’t give a shit about “harassment” anyways


Is this really true now? Back when multiboxing was big, I got at least a few dozen players banned just by taking video capture and uploading to youtube.


just saying, no game is free from toxic behavior


peak level of autism if this is someone who’s actually abusing the report feature

if you’re lying though and cherry picked screenshots, then I’m gonna be pretty pissed.


It will take an extraordinary amount of evidence to actually get someone banned for cheating nowadays, due to issues like spoofing and faking evidence to get people’s accounts banned.


Hey loook, thats my guild


Not really. However, evidence of choice is video. Videos can be faked but you must really want that person banned though


Yeah, that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. DECA no longer bans players for video evidence unless you are one of their favorites.


Oh I thought they still banned off video evidence


Lol only if you’re a closed tester


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