Twitchystr's Private Death Thread (PPEs)


Just saying, I always pick my stuff up and nexus because of a dc a long time ago when I lost a void blade


You can pick the stuff and screenshot after you pick the stuff but before you nexus




? If you’re talking about me using Windows 10, so my school basically says you have to use the laptop they provide. So I pay and ‘buy’ it but the school still has like admin access or whatever. They also have stalkerware for bad words :smiley:. Upside is they pay for photoshop and other software goodies (including windows 10) for class, but it’s bad at running games.


I mean your game window is black instead of the regular white, I use windows 10 and mine isnt black


Oh. I think I set it so early on I forgot it was even something I did.


IDK how too


I made a sorc but since forums were down didn’t bother to ss :c


wtf is this luck bruh got gsorc and dblade before lvl 20 and already got pub halls gear xddddd

If I somehow randomly find an exavit it’s totally legit, kay?


Bruh tomb draggers into sarc are so gay. I was healing up and got dragged on


uh… lmao


idk if im a ppe but i havent bought anything yet but OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG



Nice egg you got there.


It really be that way


Cool you got a kendo


I discovered I’m horrible with ssing so I guess I’ll just do daily checkups


This cutie was worth it. Also nice for later on when I fuse to get divine pet skins


I just had a disturbing thought. What fertilises the eggs? oh god does that mean my pet yard keeper is daddy to some insects…


Deleted, you can see my full name in one of the files lmao