Unable to consume Seasonal Apple of Extreme Maxening


I am playing a seasonal level 20 necromancer that is not maxed in any stat yet so I decided to use a seasonal apple of extreme maxening I got from the season pass but every time I try to consume the apple it does nothing, just makes the consumption sound and disappears briefly from my inventory before appearing back almost immediately with no effect given to my character.


Can you post a screenshot of the item description plz


It worked for me. I earned it with a seasonal Sorc I got to 7/8, died with the Sorc, then created a seasonal Assassin which I got to 8/8 instantly by consuming the Apple.

I don’t know if you need to be level 1 to use it – thinking on it I would not be surprised if it’s not been properly tested. Maxening Apples have been a thing on testing for a long time but there they’re always used with new chars, so you can jump on testing, create a new char and max it. Normal levelling or part levelling a char on testing hardly ever happens – and if it did you’d probably avoid using an Apple.


Apples cannot be used on characters that already have a backpack.


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