Upcoming Prismimic Events [Mar 4th to Mar 10th]


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My ninja may be dead, but my chance to get Enlightenment lives on!


That’s a big fat mood right there


Thought you said that was “too easy” last prismimic event?


Oh, it still is.


Prismimic is a quite unsatisfying fight for me. In a big group because it gets obliterated in tenths of a second, but in a small group the threat level goes up disproportionately. It’s IMO flawed design and pushes players into using cheat methods to ensure they get their chance at the loot.

Edit: main menu news graphic for this one:


I made an assassin so I can insta again lol


Some people just want to watch the world burn (flashbacks to when one would get insta-d and the other would be invulnerable forever).


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