Update 2.2.4 - Captcha - Realm of the Mad God Exalt



I’m excited for the reduction of bots! It’s always nice after updates when the nexuses aren’t infested with them.

I believe this is a huge step to take to improve play experience and the game overall.


I tried to launch the game on Steam, but it wouldn’t work. Whenever I clicked “play,” the RotMGExalt app would open, then immediately close. It might have to do with the new Captcha system, but I’m not sure. I feel like Steam users weren’t accounted for in this update.

Edit: never mind I did a stupid the servers are still in maintenance on my end


Don’t let the early victory taking us off guard. Bots will come back somehow.


will this be a running gag?

and please… not a captcha :weary:

edit: the release information did not contain the new bugs… why didn’t they test it before going live? In the company I work we do test everything before going live. I even cannot claim quest rewards, only an infinite loading circle occures (after minutes of “check back later” message at the tinkerer).

Again, if I had ever paid any money to that game I would be really angry.


captcha is pretty common on free games, e.g krunker.io agar.io

deca just likes to take [years] their time to fix things.