Using the exalt uninstaller will delete everything in the folder the game was in


“There’s an issue with the [exalt] launcher uninstaller currently, and it will delete the entire directory/folder the launcher is installed in if you use it. If you have the game installed with the default file path it provides you (eg for Windows, it’ll be somewhere in Program Files in its own RotMG Exalt folder), this should not be an issue as it will just delete the Exalt folder. If you have the game installed anywhere else, in a directory that also contains other files you want to keep, DO NOT USE THE UNINSTALLER until there is a fix.”

Update: The current versions uninstaller (0.9.2) shouldn’t have this problem anymore, however the old one will still behave the same.


How can they even release that without testing it a single time?

You can’t blame me for laughing to death at this. I’m sure Deca isn’t




I didn’t even know it was possible to mess up an uninstaller that badly


fun fact: steam does this too (yes, steam, the pc gaming distribution platform, THAT steam):
this is not too uncommon.

What we know is:

  • apparently the uninstaller is third-party in some way, so it’s likely Deca just assumed the third-party did their testing
  • this was not found until today because AFAIK the uninstaller wasn’t even accessible to players until today. There was no uninstaller for the supporter beta, I assume they added an installer/uninstaller so it was more friendly for the non-tech savvy rather than having to extract files from a zip over and over again
  • this was likely not caught during testing because the default installation location on Windows is it creates a folder in Program Files, then of course since the launcher sits in that folder, when the uninstaller is run it correctly deletes the folder in Program Files and not anything else (and only the Windows standalone launcher was affected by this bug)


I assume we’ll get a notification when this is fixed


I think they’ve fixed it, there was a Deca announcement 17hrs ago, I’ve just copied it to forums: DCs, server problems and uninstaller issue, in particular this part I’ll quote here:


The way I understand it the old installer will still do the same things, so I think its safer to leave the warning up for 1-2 more days.