We know the main site isn't updated

We know the main site hasn’t been updated with all kinds of things.
Before you make any new threads asking about the main site, please do the following:
  • Use search to check if anyone’s asked the same question already. If they have, go read that thread for answers instead of making more threads

  • If the question is simply “When will it be fixed?”, the answer is “No one knows.” Don’t make the thread, there’s your answer right there.

  • If it’s about the wiki, remember anyone can edit the wiki. Consider adding the missing information yourself!

  • If (and only if) the thread you’re trying to make doesn’t have an existing open thread for you to add to and it isn’t answered by the above, then make the new thread.

If you take a look around, you should notice many other threads all asking the same questions.
Please read them instead of adding to them and cluttering up the forum with redundant threads.