Weekend Chest Events - Oryx's Chamber and the Wine Cellar [Sep 14th to Sep 17th]


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What does it mean when a Dungeon Event is being held?
Patch X.29.0: Threshold updates and Fixes

D: no divine sprite is safe, I’d better start looking for a new pet sprite…


Watch me get only this skin during the event, the only one I already have :’)



Nice too see a chest event again that doesnt require you to rely on people popping keys.

Thanks Deca.


what if you made your pet this:


it’s ridiculously easy to get but no one uses it on high-level pets, and it’s not half-bad.

or you could go back to your mini sphinx since pet wardrobes are a thing :thinking:




Hecc ur ppe luck.

I guess I could, best would be a gigacorn though :confused:


I remember that guy. It was the first pet I ever really used (rising fury elephant doesn’t count).



any reason the most anticipated Chest Event is just some one-off in a month?



Do another ogmur or jugg event so i can actually get one lol