What is that armor?


found it while looking through a former guildies graveyard:


What’s the guy’s username? I’m curious

I’d say that this is just a case of Realmeye displaying the wrong sprite, and if you reload the page later it should be back to normal.


Not a glitch, also added the link in the post


@Toastrz is this a new class?


new class is fisherman. utilizes a squid to blind his enemies with ink. i’ll bet it’s shit.


Did some searching up on this :stuck_out_tongue:

The ninja was released on October 8th, 2012, but only on Kongregate (released everywhere else 60 days later). Your friend died that November, so it’s possible they made significant, unannounced changes to the star in the first month, which could explain the “New Abilities” and it being in the armor slot.

I’ll look for some older ninjas and see if they have this.


Found some ninjas from the same time period. They’re normal, so I think it’s just a glitch with realmeye. Will check up on it again in about a week


This has happened quite a lot before, seeing people with weapons as armours and such.

I’ve never seen someone get that listed as an equip, but I know what it is, it’s the item they gave us in testing that allowed us to try out the UT and T6 wakis, consuming it gave the player wakis placed directly into the inventory of the player.


The death happened in 2012.


That specific item was used in a recent testing session (with samurais) to grant wakis and sheaths. I’m unsure why it’s in your guildie’s graveyard x.x


That was a placeholder sprite for a testing item used to distribute the WIP class abilities like the sheath and waki. This must be an error on RealmEye’s end.


yeah? and? it’s just a small error in realmeye, this item didn’t exist back in 2012.

Again, this has, and does happen all the time, you can see people with pixies for their armour and shit.




im sad now


there are many items like that in the database and you can see quite a bit of them if you go onto the private server made by bledixon since he mainly just takes the sprites from the database and gives em stats.

this has been in the database for years as with the new tiers added to lost halls.


this item has existed for atleast a couple of years and most likely DID exist in 2012.


I remember those things having 50k feed each and me using that to feed pet in testing lol


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