What should my third character be?


I just returned to the game last week after a two-year break. After a bunch of stupid deaths, I decided to make a Priest in order to play through and learn the late-game dungeons. I’m also building a Warrior in order to complete realm quests and rush dungeons (specifically sewers and abysses—tombs are too low reward for their rarity and the risk involved in clearing them, so I’d rather max life by trading vit pots).
What should my third character be? I would ideally like to play a class that covers any other content that my priest and warrior aren’t as good at. Off the top of my head, said content includes dirty tombs and O2, but is there any other content that I should be aware of?
My picks for those fights would be Wizard, Sorcerer, Assassin, and Trickster. What do you guys thinKk?




Sorc is really good currently with high vit and range plus wands were recently buffed.


Sorcerer or wizard are good options. Trickster has a sort of steep learning curve and I would only really play it if you had some ut prisms, but I can 110% recommend the assassin! It isn’t a class for everybody, but I feel that if you take the time to play it and learn it, (which isn’t hard to do) you will have a great time! The assassin is my personal favorite class, though I do not think it is the most broken class in the game- that would be the wizard IMO


wizzy life. i just got mine to be my first 10k base


knight can be fun. I mean if you like tanking literally everything.


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