What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


Imma name him Bilbo Baggins


Name him Bilbo WhiteBaggins for luck


Legendary mystery skin:Lady Violetta :smiley: MotMG:kingdom knight, stone necro, warrior, archer, knight and samurai :smiley: :sunny:



I already had this skin unlocked, and I got it as a drop from a Locker, and then this.

Sleep well eternally again, stupid duplication >:c


death skin from rare mystery skin


Thats what I want, I’m a day behind
mentally prepares for disappointing sheep skin


lmao i read ur comment then proceeded to get the sheep priest


got damn slurp knight which I already have


Opened the most recent character skin, as well as a pet skin:

I don’t use canines and I already have the mystic skin. My pets will eat well tonight!


This is nice. Not sheep skin.


God giveth you beatings!


I got Mini Rosen Ninja :slight_smile:


Rare Mystery = Loki Trickster = fed


Got this one from the login rewards.


Rome disallowed me to use Steam, so it’s only now that I get to open my Rare Mystery Skin.

Eh…I guess it’s alright. Sadly I’ve already got enough good Warrior skins, so munch, munch, Julieh.
Interestingly enough, I got this skin earlier on one of my alts.


nice, a skin I didn’t have. :slight_smile:

Knight looks like it has an Ogmur now


could be worse


i already have this skin…


oof :frowning: I know that feeling too well stares at the 50 sheep warriors I got as duplicates


well at least 2k fp isnt bad