What skin did you get?(Including Motmg, mystery skins, halloween,etc)


wait lol i just notice since the stars haven’t been fixed i would have been a yellow star but i play on the offical deca website


it seems like a hacked client to me, i mean there is a white shadow on the first one and a black shadow on the prod client. besides, you probably just went on to screenshot to “show” that you dont hack.
also, realmeye still thinks your a yellow star


Whatever you think you can check for my name out of the 2-3k ppl who were hacking my accounts are on kongregate and deca’s website. I’ve tried hacking before about 3 years back for trading. I never liked it and all I did to fix all the lag I was getting in usw2 was I got a better computer. You can report me for something I did 3 years ago, but I don’t hack. Maybe because I turned off my shadows in graphics or maybe I switched on everything in experimental, but I don’t know.


well, why would the item shadows be white? a normal client wouldnt have those.




How about you post a screenshot of all your options



options as in flash options


flash options? you mean home screen?


like what ive allowed for flash?



when your on flash projector, you click the “file” options


I only play flash on my other comp Im in class atm


ok nevermind


anything else u want me to screen shot?






btw my friend infamousx made a guide to become big


I meant the graphics and experimental options

But thats kind of pointless since only the very first pic has no shadow and you apparantly switched from your client to the website for the taking the pics.