What were some popular RotMG YouTubers?


The modern era of RotMG YouTube is kinda sterile, and I’ve been curious as to who the big names in RotMG’s YouTube scene were. I specifically want to know their names and the content that they were most well-known for.


Well, you can’t make a RotMG YouTuber list without mentioning Bickuribox12, who had some truly awesome guide videos. GHZD was another one who steadily evolved in the Kabam-DECA transition era, making guide videos, random compilations and the like. YinYarn was also around this time, I remember liking his “Why the _______ is stupid” videos.

That’s obviously not an exhaustive list, but those are some of the ones that were around when I was consuming the most Realm content.


Kalle/Henez (back when pot farming/oryx was like the main thing in the game)


spencer cunt is one i remember


The greatest video ever made

RotMG youtube really had a golden age around from 2014 until 2016, with Techmech, talwar and Williamb12 (Not the correct name I can’t remember) and others all at their peak. RotMG youtube was still flooded with lame-ass PPE montages and vault showcase flexing at that time, but the scene was so much more alive then it is now. Desotroya was the last RotMG comedy youtuber I watched, and slowely everyone ran out of ideas and either quit or became generic patch notes recap and commentary channels. Sebchoofs stuff is alright, but his content is what you expect from any game, and eight years ago realms youtube scene really felt special with how different the style of each creator was. Today there arent many people with that same spark of bold creativity.



Apparently its a Hentai channel now though.


I’ve seen GHZD back in game a couple times in the past few days


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