What will the new class ability be?



if there isnt an item that lets the summoner summon a frog i will be livid
all honesty though the sprite rework looks great, ddocks seems a lot better, and the class seems a good concept.


i really dont care about a new class, but im super excited for the sprite and dead water docks rework!


that sprite world is looking beautiful, looks like they didn’t ruin tricksters advantage in the dungeon either :slight_smile:


Hi hi, local tester gal jumping in to take note of a known bug in the current testing session (but one where we could still use a bit of your help?): some items with a proc currently don’t show their tooltip when hovered over. I’m presuming it’s because of them having a proc of sorts, because those are the items I found having it occur.

However, if you happen to stumble across any examples of items not showing their tooltips while others do, post it here!

And for clarity, here's the ones I found
  • Cloak of the Darkened Sun, Heal activate
  • Prism of Shattered Light, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Tome of the Tarnished Gods, Pet
  • Resplendent Bow, StatBoostSelf
  • Reinforced Root Armor, StatBoostSelf
  • Ornate Armor, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Polygonal Garbs, BulletCreate
  • Cuband, Heal
  • Gjallarhorn, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Magician’s Top Hat, Decoy / Pet
  • Greaterhosen, StatBoostSelf / ConditionEffectSelf
  • Esben’s Shaman Attire, GenericActivate
  • Centaur’s Shielding, StatBoostSelf
  • Diplomatic Robe, Pet
  • Vesture of Duality, StatBoostSelf
  • Magic Protective Matrix, Fitted ~ ~, Heavy ~ ~, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Spider’s Eye Ring, GenericActivate
  • Snake Eye Ring, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Crystal Key, BulletCreate
  • Oryxmas Ornament: Exposed, ~ ~: Energized, ~ ~: Weak, Ornaments of Unity, Pet
  • Laborer’s Hard Hat, Operator’s Hard Hat, Foreman’s Hard Hat, StatBoostSelf + Magic
  • Crystallised Mist, ConditionEffectSelf
  • Battalion Banner, Pet
  • Collector’s Monocle, StatBoostSelf
  • Chancellor’s Cranium, Pet
  • Alien Core: Corrosion, ~ ~: Dark Matter, ~ ~: Warp, ~ ~: Power, PoisonGrenade / GenericActivate / Decoy
  • Locked Reactor, Heal


Speculation time… summoner ability is effective within a certain range (kinda like Concertina’s on-shoot proc) for close combat.


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if the summons are actually just sentries im kinda gonna die inside. but next patch looks really fun!! excited for the release


Yeah, it doesn’t look like how I envisioned the class. I was thinking minions that followed your cursor at the very least


My OG friends of this game told me, upon the release of the names, they vaguely remember a class that summons things to fight for you, and that it was an old concept class, one friend said it summoned drakes for you, the other provided me w/ an older vid w/ an OP summoner class

here is a vid of that summoner class:

Nostalgia Warning :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope its another staff class for me to test EP on, or a wand class. Bulwark needs more users.


I’m betting wand, because there is only two rn as opposed to staff classes


its a wand class, the weapon the sprite holds is too small for a staff and matches the priest and sorc


Same reasoning here. Can’t wait to make synergies with bulwark and the ability.


A complete minefield class! ^^

That would work out with the Bulwark particularly well regardless of whether enemies chase or act as turrets/mines (possibly decoys as a UT, I guess?).


It would be the first time bulwark would act as an efficient minefield. With sorcerer, its scepter couldnt bring enemies to him so he had to go to them. Not ideal. It works better with priest, who has the healing needed to stay deep and special tomes that make him go faster, to reach target faster and land mines sooner, or defensive ones which help even more in staying deep.

I think the only problem with bulwark acting as minefield is that you need a reliable source of baits, decoys leading enemies into the net. Trickster’s decoys are nice but they need to leash back to the minefield, and they dont, or have melees play baits. None of those are reliable enough.

The only thing you’ll always have at your side is your pet, with the savage-decoy combination. I heard the savage ability makes your pet jump at enemies and leash back to you once you move a bit, so as I see it, you let him catch attention then it comes back with the cavalry. Just like fishing.


More bulwark representation is a dream come true.


Woah there, hold your ies.

Its not released yet. If you come look at the class with expectations, when it’ll be released, delusion’ll hit hard.


The new sprite world design looks great! I look forward to checking it out.


I think it’s a mace! That’s just a guess, though.