What would happen if I fused these two pets?


The only important thing is that I keep my HP heal and MP heal stats. I don’t want those to change or lower their values, because that can happen from what I read a lot of years back if the level of the pets you’re fusing isn’t at the right level.

The reason why I want to make a divine is for cosmetic purposes. For example, when I use a pet skin that I like but it comes out too small for me to actually like it because it’s not a divine size.

Anyway, thanks for the answers. I hope to get the answer I’m looking for.


The abilities with different levels get averaged. So your new divine would have 90|90|85, as 85 is the average of 90 and 80. If you want a 90|90|90 divine, you’ll need to fully max the second pet before fusing.


I second that but it would actually be 100/100/90, since divine pets have max stat 100 not 90. But I’m sure Unfocused just didn’t realize. All and all, the results is the same, the 3rd ability will have a lower max stat.


Can you guys confirm or find an agreement? Whether it’ll be 90/90/85 or 100/100/90?

I also only care about the HP heal and MP heal stats, so if I were to put the hp/mp heal pet in the first slot, then the fused divine pet will have those as the first two stats right?


After fusion the pet will be able to be maxed 100/100/100, however the third stat will be lowered to 85 as a result of an average between the two pets third ability levels (90 and 80).


I’m not planning on maxing a divine (it took me years upon years to max just a legendary f2p)
in fact, the heal/mheal pet i have was a legendary egg drop from 2013, and i barely maxed that a couple years ago

that’s enough to convince me that divine is only for p2w players because ambrosia barely dents when you’re in the higher levels

so my question is, will i start at 90/90/85 then? and 100/100/x will be what i can max to on my newly fused pet?


Yes and yes, although the max will be 100/100/100 – for every pet the max is the same for all abilities, as long as the ability is unlocked.


cool, thanks for always coming through with the helpful answers

where’s the Helpful award come to think of it? :thinking:


The max lvl for all three would still be at 100, as second and third ability levels don’t affect the max lvl. Only the first abilities on both pets have to be maxed.


ah, thanks… i remember reading something like that before


90/90/85 would be the initial stats of your new divine pet upon fusion. As others have said, the stat caps would be 100|100|100.


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