[What's the best dungeon for getting] Legendary forge material


What is the best dungeon for legendary forge material? I know that it is either Cult, Fungal+Crystal Cavern, or Nest.


Most say fungal. And per individual key it definitely is. But from my experience, if you get chains going nests are best.


fungals 100%

@tigers got 50+ whites during the recent fungal event, nobodys getting 50some nest whites during nest event lmao


It may not be classified as “legendary forge material”, but I find snake pits to be quite lucrative for finding forge material. From Snakeskin Armor to Snakeskin Shields to Snake Eye Rings, the probability of getting a ut is astounding! These items are perfect for forging that delectable Bone Dagger for me to hang onto for a future Rogue PPE. It may not be a legendary item, but the sound of that hammer hitting the anvil when you forge a bone dagger will surely make you think, “Oh my, this is LEGENDARY!!”


For real… Somehow I just realized how much FP Cloak of the Planewalker is, so yesterday I ran around doing Forest Mazes, Spider Dens, and Snake Pits to use up all my forgefire and feed a bunch of cloaks to my pet.


This was one of the first things I noticed about forge and I’m very happy about it. Even if your luck is sour and you aren’t getting a lot of forge material for something you want, if you can get 12 baby items (including sprite wands and maybe more feed power from the 3 sprite worlds) you can easy burn through your daily forge fire.


Nest. Every white there, you will only ever need one of.

People say fungal, but it’s kinda painful to use the whites there since they are good.


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