What's the Fame train server?


Anyone know the FT server? I’ve been away from prod for a bit.


please use the search button jesus christ


The current fame train moves around. If you want in the discord click my name go to my profile and click expand near the top right.

I would link but I’m on mobile.


The search bar is lonely, and that is your partially your fault.


This gets asked all the time and it starts to annoy some forumers when it’s a search away.

Here. For this and other problems you may have

The Shatter Helpdesk
Official game for flash - http://www.realmeye.com/appspot
Best Flash projector for realm- https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/updaters/18/flashplayer_18_sa.exe
DECA ToS - http://legal.decagames.io/tos/
Fame Train discord - Private Train Going Public
Game won’t load past 100%? - Game not Loading, (Solution)
Tired of dying to lag? - The Oh Shiet Button (for freezes and when you click off the page)

Sorry if it’s poorly formatted, mobile


Actually helpful. I don’t currently need any of those tho.


I’d like for it to know that it’s just a lonely bar waiting to be Searched on. I won’t be using it anyway.


Click the one about the fame train discord. It’s the only why you are going to stay up to date on where the train is

And no, please use the search bar if you’re aware of it.


Just so you’re aware, the search feature on this forum actually works. Many people think “forum + search = shit”, but not in our case. Please use it.


dam pretty ballsy considering that im sure many mods looked at your post. but ima keep silent and not report


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