Whats the fame train server


Does anyone know the new fame train Server? I keep getting bullied because I am a stinky light blue star, reason being because I only play a select set of classes, I’m tired of being a light blue star and would like to move farther in life does anyone know the fame train server


The fame train isn’t in a specific server now.
It is usually broadcasted in a discord server

And light blue stars shouldn’t be bullied cuz some light blue stars have like 15k+fame


Why do you need to fame train to get past light blue?
Also why are you only playing a select few classes, it is good to play them all


limited character slots only allows you to have your favorites.

Why? If I don’t like to play wizard why should I play it? Play whatever classes you enjoy. No reason to play a class you don’t like.


I don’t know the server though :confused:


Stars don’t really matter, people just make generalizations (lots of “bullying” toward stars is intended as jokes)
If you want more stars, you can easily level each class to 20. This shouldn’t take too long and you will be a dark blue star. If it’s made known that you fame train to get a high star you’ll probably get more backlash than having a low star


This is the link to the train server https://discord.gg/sQbQBky


Call them big geys and move on with your life


Turn off chat, problem solved.


5 characters, 16k living base, blue star


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