Whats the math behind Inspired Buff?


I get how inspired buff works where it increases any weapon range by 1.25% but then how exactly does it do that, like what specific variables does it alter in terms of the weapon projectiles? I’m asking this mainly because my guild mate and I were talking about how all weapon projectiles have range based on projectile speed and projectile lifetime.

However, I remember somewhere around the forums that someone mentioned that Inspired affects projectile speed and after playing bard for a bit an eyeballing it, it does seem like it? My guild mate argued otherwise but we were both interested in the topic so I decided to ask it here.

tl’dr: How does inspired buff affect projectiles? Does it change projectile speed or projectile lifetime?


Projectile speed.


Thanks for the confirmation! Is there any way to verify this with the code or get a sort of equation for how inspired work?



Base Projectile Speed + 25% of BaseProjectileSpeed = NewSpeed
So X * 1.25 = NewProjectileSpeed

(Correct me If I’m wrong and you’re reading this!)


I remember trying to convince people in game of this and they all kept saying I was wrong, while I was literally playing the class.

But yeah as mentioned it just boosts projectile speed.

I will say though I’m not actually sure if it’s a flat increase? I would agree with Discipile but I just realised I never checked to see how large of an increase in the range it gave. I guess that’s something I’ll have to do at some point.


The code hasn’t been disclosed, but Discipile’s most likely correct.


Same here!!! Which is why I wanted to confirm on the forums :slight_smile: Although yeah it would be interesting to know the math behind it.


They were probably remembering the first bard testing, where it was projectile lifetime instead of projectile speed.


I’ve noticed with staves it changes the waveform frequency


This is due to a little weirdness that happens when you increase the effective range of a weapon with amplitude and frequency.
The amplitude thing doesn’t really matter, it’s the frequency that’s important here.
To simplify it (because I’m not even that good at this type of math lmao), frequency essentially means how many times it does a sine wave pattern:
Here, the frequency is 1.

In realm, this effectively translates that, within a weapon’s range, it will try to make that movement.
As an example, take the Staff of Esben: it has a frequency of 0.5, meaning it will only make the first half of that wave. And because it has two shots, it creates that shot pattern of two shots diverging at first, and converging at the end of their lifetime:
Tiered staves act the same, but with slightly more within their range - a frequency of 2, so it converges 4 times.

Now, what happens when a staff gets affected by Inspired? This means that, because its range is longer, the effects of its frequency will compensate for it.
It’s basically like taking the previous image of a wave, and then streeeeeeeeeetching it out:
The length between the points where it converges is now much longer than before! That’s why their shot pattern changes.

Back on topic, Inspired is indeed a 1.25x speed increase. This means it cannot affect projectiles which have 0 speed or which move independently from speed (f.e. the first second of a Void Blade shot, and any parametric shots like Bulwark, which only use lifetime and magnitude to calculate their speed).

The reason it isn’t lifetime, which would benefit those weapons, is that a lifetime increase isn’t much more helpful other than increasing range. Speed, on the other hand, means that you can also let shots hit faster things - greatly helping with items such as the Garfield Garland Bow or Leaf Bow. Of course, it may frick up your normal, slightly predictive aiming, but that’s only a minor nitpick :P


This is much appreciated information! Thanks for taking the time to explain this :slight_smile:


Yo thanks for that explanation, makes sense. The wiki is pretty badly written honestly in terms of frequency on staves. Like a “frequency of 2 cycles” doesn’t actually make any sense lol.


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