Where do I find these gem tokens?


in the tinkerer there is a quest for exchanging 3 of these gem tokens for a motmg white, how do i get these tokens?


Trade in 10 of each gem shard to get the gem. Right now, you can only get the Amethyst gem by trading in these marks for a shard 10 times


It sounds like the plan is they will change the shard/gem quest each week. So as long as you’ve done the Amethyst one, that’s all you can do at the moment until they release the next quests.


I believe they said you can do all of the Shard quests up until June 26; just the extra rewards for the gem quest will be removed at the end of each week.

Essentially, if you want the 2 epic chests, 3 chests, and 5 st shards, you have to complete the gem quest within a week of release, or it will be replaced with a quest that only gives the gem.


Ohhhh thanks. I was wondering how that would work.


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