Why 6 parasite marks for epic quest


why, this doesn’t make sense


what do you mean
this topic doesnt make sense


He’s suggesting that 6 marks are too much.

I think it could be lowered to 5 , since para’s are about as common as ots.


OTs can happen max once per realm. There’s a chance one can do 2-3 paras before realm closes.


I’m okay with it at 6, paras are common enough to find and people seem generally good at shouting them out. The thing is meant to be some challenge. Though I wish they’d introduce more variety into the epic quests and make a couple more mixed mark ones, to dilute the chances of getting single dungeon ones (just had the 5x OTs two days running).


I almost always only find one para per realm, also shatters is three marks yet is easier than para


You can solo a para easily but solving a shatters is a pain


Still there is a logic in requiring more marks than a Davy or wlab.


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