Why does it say non-guild member cant teleport when I am a founder of a guild?


Its really annoying when other people call


It says the person you teleport to can’t be a non-member of your guild.


There is a teleportation cool-down that is especially active when you switch servers. Teleportation to a guild-mates is not affected by this, however.

This has been an issue for a very long time. Hopefully DECA will change it up in the future.


Isn’t it a feature, though? It’s to help prevent people from using notifiers, and encourages them not to server-hop. But if you happen to have guildies in an area (usually this will be an area you/your guild frequents), you can teleport to them to save hassle.


I agree that it helps against server-hopping, but I feel like it should be reduced to somewhere around 30 seconds. 200 seconds (I believe) is pretty ridiculous.


What I don’t understand is couldn’t an event hopping server just form a guild and afk in god lands? The reason I say this is because I was trying out new servers during alien event because it was laggy as hell. To my surprise, I found a heccton of portals and immediately got my guild to come do it


You are the founder of a guild, true,

but the person you attempted to teleport to was not a member of the one you founded.

They need to be in YOUR guild for you to be able to avoid the server-hop cooldown.


You may be the founder, but did you pass the initiation?


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It is designed as a countermeasure against players who use cheat-notifiers (the permanent afk players on the beaches are the bots). Before this was brought in every Hermit/Sphinx/Lotll in every realm immediately had a ton of people arrive to fight it, who could teleport straight in, ruining the game experience for many players.

The cheaters/bots still exist so I am solid against any lessening of the timer. I’d actually make it harsher because you still see notifiers only nowadays they use warrior/ninja/trickster and a strong pet to rush from the beach in time to fight the event.

Your options are
a) don’t switch servers as much, find a home server and only change if it gets too quiet.
b) recruit more guild members because you ARE allowed to TP to guildmates inside the time limit.

There are such things from time to time, you can usually spot them as an afk tops wizard low star (autoaimer ofc) in a guild with private players. Though I think it’s usually a RWTers mindset to do this (to loot rare UTs and sell the account) so I think (guessing) they find it easier to log in multiple accounts and sit waiting on different servers, in which case their TP timers are already passed.


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