Why hasnt muling been patched yet?


I have 10 mules because I dont want to spend money on vaults, but isnt it really easy to stop 2 accounts running at the same time?


Because Deca allows it (see the post below) and people would get really pissed if they lost all their mules



When I saw the title I was thinking What kind of person wants muling to get patched

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someone with a 3 letter name that starts with L ends with d and has a cat pfp


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How? The only way is by checking for identical IP addresses, but that would sweep up a whole load of false positives – friends or siblings playing on the same home network, people playing in an internet café or a college computer room.

So DECA allow multiple accounts, for muling and for other purposes. They only step in if multiple accounts are used abusively – multiboxing for example. Also they’ve made muling less useful over time, as more and more content is SB.


90% of RotMG players: Ahaha…That was a joke, right?

In all seriousness, countless RotMG players would quit if this was the case. I’m not joking – people store all sorts of stuff, from Decas (eh) to Kendo Sticks (oh yes).


I’d quit because literally all my tradeables are on my army of mules lol


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