Why is my post partly in German?


This one, the auto-generated text for the Reddit link is in German: Bis jetzt 102 Votes und 57 Kommentare auf Reddit. I can’t see why: everything about my setup (location, browser locale, how I read the forum, how I browse Reddit) is English. The UK in particular is where I am.


german for me too and im canada :man_shrugging:



mreyeball ist deutscher?? (or at least realmeye discourse servers in germany or smth idk how this stuff works :weary:)


Yes, I would expect it to be the same for everyone. The content’s been created now, so the post is there.

It would seem to be a recent change as I posted a similar link only 8 days ago without problems.


Why is that a problem? Why not everything in German? :hugs:


Yea realmeye is most likely based in a European country as the main bot stays in eusw


The server seems to be in germany indeed https://check-host.net/ip-info?host=realmeye.com

Strangely the stuff normally is in english for me even though I’m in germany


deca itself sits in Berlin.


OK, as a test lets try this again. This is just the last post I commented in on Reddit (tried using the newest post but it had a massive image in which messed up the preview). Yep, still broken: