Why is my "scammer" mark not gone?


I used to trade a lot 3-4 years ago, whenever i declined someones offer and they got salty or mad they went ahead and reported me as a scammer or such on realmeye. I have been inactive for almost a year / more than 2 years and someone recently asked why im marked as a scammer and im wondering why its still there when it should be gone after 2 months?


Well we’ve done trades and you never scammed me so yay!

I don’t think there is a designated time to the scammer marks, where did you get this impression?


Yea exactly, well someone asked me cause they said they were “Cautious” to trade me at first, but when they noticed im legit they asked why my mark isnt gone/why i have it and then told me it should disapear after 2 months

So im wondering if i got so many 3-4 years ago its like a perma mark? :confused:


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