Why is void quiver garbage


why cant i get the good whites like nil not bad quiver thats useless vs anyother quiver like bee quiver




void quiver is good


Why not give a few examples of why you think the Void Quiver is underpowered when compared to the Beehemoth/Freezing Quiver? It’ll let us all get a better understanding of how you see it.

Personally, I don’t think I’d’ve continued to play Archer without a Void Quiver. The only reason I started the one I currently have was beecause I needed to get 2000 fame on it. And I also got a cute skin for it.


Perhaps you should tell us a bit more why you think it is garbage

Personally I think its pretty good and I use it 85% of the time even though I have any other quiver too


“Why did I decide to open up a thread complaining about a white without any reasoning behind it?”


You can oneshot gods, kill gland dungeon bosses in 3 seconds. Idk what you dont like about it


I agree that void quiver is garbage but I do not agree with your reasoning nor that void quiver itself is underpowered.

If you probably are so insecure about getting too close as archer, sure. It’s understandable that you won’t like this quiver. Maybe only because you don’t know how to use an item shouldn’t make you judge the whole thing.


Yes I agree it’s absolute trash and I hardly ever find myself using it. Needs a major rework.

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Could you at least elaborate on that? Can’t say this reply makes it worthy beeing outside of WC.


Think he’s being sarcastic.


What’s there to elaborate on lol I gave my opinion and that’s all there is to it


You gave a closed opinion.
You simply stated what you think without giving room for discussion - no reasons why you think it’s bad, or what it should bee.
That’s what’s wrong.

imo, Void Quiver is balanced, because it trades in utility for damage to the extreme. It’s great being able to shred through gods with a single spacebar, or kill Stheno in less than 5 seconds.
Additionally, the loss of paralyze is usually not too bad, as there are plenty of paralyze immune bosses, or situations where there’s little reason to paralyze them (mildly weak enemies).


It probably just feels very underwhelming for a void white (hahaha imagine getting multiple of the worst void white eat peen @PLEBJESUS ) and the ability to sit on stuff and shred it is basically useless in endgame dungeons and thus useless to the endgame players who would obtain a void quiver.


but… it doesn’t replace the other quivers, it’s another tool in the archers toolkit, which is especially nice when you’re in a group where if you can apply a debuff/buff, it’s already been applied. Most of these “endgame players” run these in massive ass groups anyways, right?



and shut face bulgewinter


Not every endgame player exclusivly runs halls


Quick question: are ANY of the quivers usable in endgame dungeons?

I don’t think it’s the void quivers fault, it’s just that quivers suck in general


So. Why you think the quiver is bad?


Probably because it only deals damage for which you need to be close to have the full effect, no CC, it’s only useful in situations where you are soloing a dps-needy boss, you can get soulbound in big groups with just a dbow.