Why there is no snake oil, in realmeye trade-able objects?


I have searched for it but found nothing? is it soulbound?


Its tradeable but easy to farm

You could suggest to add it at https://www.realmeye.com/feedback


Why would you need to trade it?


I believe it did used to be on there, before pets took over as our healers so comprehensively.
It got removed I guess due to lack of use and lessening interest over the years.


Why should pollen powder be on RE trading but not snek oil?


One difference is the pollen is more of an offensive use item (eg for stuns/cloaks) than the snakeoil is.
My guess would be someone back in the old days made an impassioned plea for it to remain or be re-added for their own reason. Maybe because Jungles are a bit harder to find than Pits they preferred to have a buying option. In the no-pet days an organised rogue team or knight team could tactically use pollens to keep their MP bars going (eg if fighting O2), so could’ve been be for a niche use like this, for example, and it’s just stayed on ever since.


Planning to do some heroic with just 1 in real life friend as an exclusive 2 man team. None of us is a priest or pally so was hoping to find one selling 8 for life


well with heroic dungeons it can be useful gain

exactly :confused:



They are quite useful as mp heal is less often(I think) and magic heals less than hp heal


You know I hadn’t even considered these! The no-pet rule in heroics brings all the old tricks back in again and snakeoil could again see some love in heroics. I like how you are thinking.

I would recommend send a message to MrEyeball and explain why you want to buy them (for heroics) and I think he might agree with your logic and add snake oil to the trading items. Good luck! :+1:


Dude 8 snekoil for 8 life is ludicrous, thats a deal if ive ever seen one


nubie its 8 snake oil for one


Have sent him a message 3 days ago, how fast they usually respond?

Sorry dude it’s 1 life for 8 snake oil




Yay! <3


Oh yeah, but 8:1 see,s ludicrous


I saw a guy running around USW2, selling Snake Oil (no joke)


Snake oil turns anyone into a knockoff priest so I’m not too surprised by that.


Burst heal 800 in ~1 sec pretty good ngl


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