Will RotMG Flash Still Be Playable After 2020 Discontinuation?


After Adobe Flash loses its support after the end of 2020 will RotMG still be able to be played on Flash Projectors/Legacy Website etc.?

Or did DECA specifically state that all forms of playing RotMG on Flash will be disabled/lose functionality?

And if any of these 2 have been specifically stated by DECA, could anyone link me the specific instance in which they stated so?

Thank you, Levi


deca has no say in it, the internet does, and the internet says it has no use for flash anymore

it has too many security holes, and everything is html5 and javascript now


you can still play it i think. but if you do its going to be very easy for your account to get hacked because of basically no security. I wouldnt advise it cuz its gonna be unsafe


I believe they’ll likely drop support for the Flash version of the game, so I reckon it’s going to be impossible.
If you’re worried that Exalt is too unstable for you, I’m sure that once Flash is gone, Exalt will be in a (slightly) better state.


I feel like that’s clear indication that Deca will make the Flash version unplayable soon.


I mean, we use a 7 year old computer, and unity is infinitely better for us over flash… I’m still not quite sure what problems people are facing with unity vs. flash. Most of the dc’s have ended a while back on our end


it’s a lot harder to cheat on exalt i think.

also linux players have trouble with exalt i think


Oh, I see. I’m on Windows 10, even if the computer itself is old. I forget about that sometimes.


Normally I’d say something like “considering how much time they’ve had to iron out the flaws, they should have no issue”, but considering how COVID pretty much effected how pushed back DECA has been ontop of the things they’ve been working on already, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a rough launch to solely Exalt and flash’s removal. Not say that’s their fault at all, as they couldn’t help it.


No, that’s not the crux of the problem. Flash will still exist. It just won’t have any developmental support. In that sense, DECA and perhaps individual client developers have sole agency over whether RotMG can still be played on Flash/Flash Projectors into the future.


This is true, especially since flash can already spoof looking like unity and still connect, in the case they block out flash. Though, at some point, flash will probably be unable to be updated further.



I personally can’t use Exalt at all and I have a really good PC, other people also complain of extreme instability (idk about those issues too much, I didn’t have to really deal with it when I was able to use it)


As determined with the posts above, it must be the computer models. Whenever I attempted flash before I stopped, the FPS lag was crazy bad, and my character had this nasty habit of not moving half the time I told it to, and when it did move, even when the fps was “better,” if I hit the, say, key to go right, my character would keep going right, no matter any other key inputs until I pressed the right key again to stop. And forget trying to use my magic ability - I have trouble navigating the nexus on flash, let alone fighting monsters!

Exalt is as smooth as pudding for me, so the choice seems obvious for me. Maybe it’s flipped for other people?


I had the same experience when I was able to use Exalt, it worked really well with a really good frame rate and less DC issues than I had on flash

but when I tried to come back to the game for a little bit to play O3 the game stopped working entirely, the game still definitely needs some work still if so many people are complaining about issues.


I have yet to do an O3. Maybe the game will be unstable if I do one of those. I had Dc’s when I first started exalt like everyone else, especially trying to do normal Oryxs, but those have since vanished, save the hiccup at Oryx start.
To be honest though, I’m probably not making it into an O3 before they stabilize it. If I ever do…

Quick Edit: Before anyone tells me Discords exists, there’s a whole list of reasons I have why I wouldn’t/couldn’t do those. Not to be a jerk, just putting that out there in a hurry.


DECA have said repeatedly that one reason for switching to Unity is the legacy code of Flash is holding them back. So there are many changes to the code which will go in the game, such as backpack trading, which are only possible once Flash support ends.

The implication is Flash will be unable to connect as such changes are added to Unity which the game requires. This will happen straight away I think, as soon as the first patch after Flash support ends.

Here is a recent statement on this:

The Flash client is only slowing us down in many aspects of development, as ending it not only resolves several technical conflicts causing unnecessary issues, but also removes the restrictions it has imposed for new content and features (such as the backpack trading panel, which cannot exist until Flash’s structure is gone). That is why the latest we plan to keep Flash is the end of MotMG.