WulfDrake's reset account experience




Yeah I wasn’t quite sure what he meant either


Welp you know the deal back to fighting some bees, but this time they decided to give me some very nice items

The fact that this could’ve been a stinger fills me with anger


As I was trying to close a realm to do a encore tragedy struck


If anyone has a suggestion and or a name for my next adventurer let me know


I started a bard ppe this afternoon with a guildie named Yugohs and this is how its going!

Huge up grades from oryx and his castle


Kinda want the st ring from here but this’ll do!


2 upgrades in one bag neato


Woop woop 1/8 this is taking awhile tho


The best ring in the game


I’m pretty sure this makes me a official gamer right?


This too

I maxed speed in this snake pit I just got distracted by the white



4/8!!! This is taking forever tho bards kinda bad


Woooo my quest chests finally gave me something!

And now I meet halls/shatts reqs


Funny colored robe but its an upgrade nonetheless


5/8 and 6/8 now to do a lot of tombs and hope for a requiem


Not quite what I was looking for but still pretty kool


Now the last piece I need is hollyhock :0


Ah shucks good ppe died to early

That crab low-key the hardest thing in the game