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it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and it’s crazy how much this image makes me want to touch the object and pick it up and hold it in my hands. during this project I was thinking “man 3D modeling is sorta interesting I might want to try this for one of my own projects” but now I’m having second thoughts as to whether it’s a good idea for someone so physically touchy like myself to be making things I can’t touch




More mermaid because mermaids are pretty omg


if you wave at the abyss for too long, the abyss waves back


Oooh, you added a little fin-ear :OO
Nice little touch >u<


the ocean always waves.

i’ll leave now


Idk why but this brought a smile to my face :laughing:


Winter coat

I finally put on something a bit more appropriate for the season! Also I promise I’m not hiding anything behind my back :3


she did it, it’s a snowflake


<3 <3 <3


snöw flöwer………

Backside pockets? A plush? A jift???



Maybe it’s just gloves…?


or a timed explosive


I too have joint institutes for fusion therapy behind my back


That coat and snowflake are super cute! I think this might be my favorite one you have done to date!


For reasons I’m not going to disclose, I recently had reason to quickly throw together a new character of sorts and the result is something I quite like. So I decided to draw her since that sort of “solidifies” her in my imagination somewhat by putting the idea into something real. Here she is:


Jade is an extremely social person who loves being around other people as much as possible. She frequently invites herself to her friend’s places or vice versa just to be around the people she likes some more. Even if they don’t end up doing anything together, just sitting in the same room being aware of each other is good enough for her. She also won’t hesitate to walk up to someone she has never seen before and strike up a conversation if they seem even remotely interesting and/or attractive in an attempt to make a new friend. Most of these conversations don’t turn into anything long-term but she enjoys making the effort regardless.

Because she’s so people-dependent, she’s also extremely susceptible to loneliness when being away from others for long periods of time. She’s the sort of person who’d call you at 3 AM with a lump in her throat about not being around friends when the more sensibly minded you would respond with “why aren’t you asleep?” question. As a result she periodically ends up asleep on other people’s couches instead of her own bed at home because she can’t sleep alone. Despite these emotional needs for personal attachment, she currently has no interest in finding a single partner to settle down with. She prefers keeping in touch with her entire social circle instead of singling out a romantic favorite. She’s not entirely opposed to the idea but just isn’t feeling it.

Also as a lesser demon, she has some quirks in regards to her own body. She has no special powers to speak of, but is still technically immortal. Even if something kills her off she just reappears somewhere nearby without ceremony. Very few people have actually witnessed this happening, but it’s jarring to experience nonetheless. As a result of this, she’s much more indifferent to experiencing physical pain and/or other horrific bodily injuries than you’d reasonably expect.

and then came questionably sfw,


This is assuming you weren’t horny prior to seeing the tail, which would be assuming a lot


Bold of you to assume the tail was not the first thing I noticed!
and I can guarantee you that I’m very likely not horny in the midst of an anxiety attack!