Xaklor's Art Pile


I expected to get this done sooner but the end of Realmafia round 6 and the LH event happened pretty much one after the other.

this one’s just me taking a stab at drawing all leather armors worth using + experimenting with different colors and facial expressions

Let’s try on all the leather armor!:

in order from left to right starting on the top row, these are Hydra/default Slashing Beauty, Wyrm, Frost Drake, Leaf Hide, Harley, Bee armors, and Nil.




You have wyrm as purple and leaf hide as red wtf

Good drawings though though ninja already has a waifu skin @Kablooeyy


I used dyes? thonkang

also how come you didn’t point that out when I made it green in the earlier drawings lmao

I have consistently not used the colors on the armor sprite itself since I started this whole thing even on my older thread, this isn’t new or anything.

fun fact: I’m not actually fond of the wind flower skin. I probably wouldn’t use it even if I had it.


oh DING yes, i missed your art :heart_eyes:not sure how i didnt notice this threat til now but im happy i found it




yeah ding. who uses damn or darn anymore? xaklor’s art is darn good


Well ding I wish I could be that darn good. Well damn sometimes you got to just try something new you know.


Woah I like your art style.


I should start drawing again cuz now my drawing skill is actually bearable unlike before


I’m sorry to disappoint but it’s not actually in the game yet


Parasol maiden ninja skin


These look pretty great for comics. Really like the art style!


Nice though in my opinion they are too cute


I did the thing I did with my ninja in the last one with my mystic

Let’s try on all the robes!:

in order from left to right starting on the top row, these are gsorc/default Yuki Onna, Frost Elementalist, Soulless, “Shendyt”, Lab Robe, Water Robe, and Ritual Robe.

I plan to do another one with my knight next. also, I discovered that with my newfound Leader powers I can bypass the OP “lock”, meaning I can keep the full list of pictures on the OP (where it makes the most sense) instead of on the first reply! :O


Wrap the shendyt around you like a multiway dress!


Maybe Shendyt is more like this
With that top part actually being a little crown thingy, wuzzitcalled…diadeem in English…
Tiara, that’s the word.
I was on the verge of adding actual nipples but that would mean an instant ban so I added Mystic-skin-coloured orbs instead to go with the original joke, when the Shendyt was first released.
also fuck mad robe




Let’s try on all the heavy armor!:

in order from left to right starting on the top row, these are acrop/default knight, resu/zaarvox, breastplate, fplate, kamishimo, mercy’s bane, and doritos fire dragon battle armor.

ppe btw