Xaklor's RotMG Fanart


10/10 would recommend


The comfiest Catlor!
Odd that I thought of making an “I sleep/real shit?” meme of Catlor today…hmmm…



it’s true, I made a backup ninja so I can play ninja again without having to stress about losing my main ninja. in fact it’s already paid off, “Clonelor” already died to a dumb thing yesterday and Catlor had to remake her. this is what Clonelor’s wearing atm since you can’t see it on my RE page:

(also the heart shirt returns because I think it’s cute and it’s not like catlor’s doing anything in-game for a while)


Wonder where I saw that beefore…


Insert cringy star wars clone wars joke here



Buuuuuuut doesn’t cloning just copy the genes which are completly unaffected by memeories?


Depends on how you go about cloning. In the real world that’s how it happens, but rotmg is a fantasy world with magic where pretty much anything can happen.


You mean that my Super Deluxe Double Cheeseburger :tm: is not real ?


Hold up cats sleep?

I always thought cats didn’t sleep
dunno where that assumption came from


Cats actually sleep a lot so idk where that came from either