XODoonOX's farewell


I never have really talked on these forums so I doubt many people will recognize me, but that’s not important.

In the past I have played realm and never gotten that far. I made this account on Steam in hopes of managing to get to the end game. About 8 months ago I achieved that, after playing a lot from about last MotMG.
I supported the original campaign up to purple name. I got a 90/90/76 Mheal, heal, electric pet, I 8/8ed all the classes I enjoyed and put my favourite builds on all of them. I currently sit on over 150 decas worth of life, bought from when it was 8/1.
At this point I was basically done with the game. The only real thing I could do was get a maxed divine. What was the point? I can stun forever with my scutum and lava walk myself anyways. I’ve soloed every dungeon in the game but void and done that in a group of 4. Never really bothered to try a trio or duo.

I barely had a reason to play anymore. Most of the people I started with moved on. The people who taught me how to do lost halls I haven’t spoken to in 9 months. MCH proceeded to die.

I only ever spent my time from that point onwards joining bad guilds and messing around, trying to help out and also have some fun. I’ve slowly been playing less and less. I haven’t left the nexus for almost 2 months now. Most my characters are gone from realmeye, only the 2 I logged onto last showing.

My advice for new players is enjoy the time before end game while you can, don’t allow other people to give you the gear and whatever. I had stopped trading for my own benefit within about 4 months of starting to play seriously, it’s just not fun.

Anyways, with that, goodbye to all the forum users who may know me and the many who probably won’t. I may come in game some time to give away items if I feel like reinstalling. Good luck with all the white bags, and have a good motmg.

To be honest, I just made this post to say bye to @Survivor , who I know frequents this forum, who I couldn’t find on discord. Hopefully you see this, goodbye.

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