YesButNo's trash art thread



that’s all I can think of for now, Thank you all so much !!




Another orange star has left us… Farewall Comrade


Not forever


Don’t worry, you’re not the first one


Godspeed, my dude. And don’t drop out like my other friends are planning.


Rawr :flushed:


You will be missed. (At least until you come back because Unity port.)

Good luck with school!


Don’t let what happens here cause extra stress. Good chance, we’ll still be here while you get everything sorted out. And if not for whatever reason, hopefully the new DECA marketing brings in more knuckleheads to take our spots. There just might be a lot more poggers and cringe posts but its a sacrifice.

Once you’re here, you’re always here, just doesn’t have to be all at once.


O w O Wats dis?
A ping?


Stay active >:(


We’ll be awaiting your return :fist:


How to get likes 101 - ping everybody


You should draw more of these, its so cool


@YesButNo if you want to ruthlessly farm more likes get some more affectionate farewells :sun_with_face: , feel free to also announce on: The Farewell Thread


Ah, admittedly it’s sad to see a fellow artist leave, but I say that’s an important decision you’ve made to prioritise your school work above gaming and arting as much as it sucks~

And yep, Craftable’s right, you’ll never 100% be gone because of the Curse of the Realm. Even when you think you’re gone forever, you’ll return someday, muahahah

In all seriousness though, hope to see you again soon pal~ Good luck on your studies! <3


does @Darkawaiii still exist

if you do, THANK YOU TOO






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