Cult of the Sun is recruiting!


Cult of the Sun

We, the people of the sun, are now looking for new recruits for our (currently) small guild. As of writing this post we are 3 active members though we are hoping to add many more. We play on VC every weekend if you’re looking for that and will sometimes pop keys (at least with the 3 of us).

We are a casual guild, not specifically looking for endgame players, noobs and beginners are welcome! And we’d be happily available to help you with anything in the game. Endgame players should also feel free to join as we like to do endgame content in realms, and sometimes, with keys! So if you see an avatar in the realm and want to do a shatters feel free to ask in the guild chat and we’ll probrably join you.

We are currently an EUWest based server but an US players are welcome to join aswell, our currently inactive founder is based in the US.


  • No cheaters
  • Plays the game at least once a week

How to apply:
Reply to this post with your IGN or send me a message through realmeye or discord (solaris_271) and we’ll arrange to meet up in game so I can add you.


Hey friend,

My IGN is Demytix.

I am primarily in the USWest servers. Would this be okay as part of joining the guild?



Hey, just came back to the game after a long break, would love to join a chill guild and hang out with some fun people - IGN is Magmahead


Hey im interested, ign Is Jerricho


hello i’m interested to join your guild. I Play on any EU server, my IGN is ISuckAtLif


I would appreciate an invite, my ign is Zartal



I’d like to join your guild.
Quite noobish but that’s why I want to connect with players.

IGN is Faralduin.


My ign is konradtrol and I’d like to join :slight_smile:


Hey, IGN name is Stormyzz
Live in Aus but as the servers are dead nist if the time I play on US and EU servers


Hey! My IGN is Ghfj and I’m looking to join!. I play on US servers and I’m hoping to not be as much as a noob and get better at the game. ^^;