10+ Year Player Looking for Guild



I am a player that has played since around 2011. I haven’t played for about 5 years since my main account was hacked, but I’ve come back. To be honest I don’t know much about the newer game material that has been released the past 5 years but I have extensive knowledge of the older stuff. I don’t mind helping players max out or run the “boring” dungeons for stat pots.

I’ve got 4 8/8 characters. If anyone is willing to let me in their guild let me know.


There are new thing such as Oryx 3 (which is the hardest boss).

In Combat/Out of Combat requires you to dodge now. At the same time, such update rejuvenated Wis/Vit and really emphasizes on Defence to boost your IC trigger damage when it comes to tackling non-endgame contents. Though, bullet hell boss like MBC did indeed got harder if you can’t dodge well. Good news though, petless gameplay becomes more forgiving because of buffed Wis/Vit.

Forge system allows you to “exchange” unwanted UT’s for something you might want. Though some player h8s it.