A New Night-time Main Server


Alright i’m not sure if a lot of people will care about this topic since it’s a relatively small portion of the community that this will relate to but here it goes.

I hate playing this game at night time. Not even ironic hate but it’s just frustrating. I can’t play on any other server besides usmw2 because none of the other servers have enough players to do much with. I’ve tried Usmidwest and Uswest but it’s just a small server and oryx is done like 3 times a night. I can’t play on usmw2 for too long because i’ll start getting a headache from all the lags and dcs when trying to do event gods. Wine cellar takes ages because the black tiles sometimes traps me then kicks me to the main screen. I’m not sure what to do anymore. I can’t play during the day because i’m usually too busy so night time is my relaxation time.

I want to somehow get this message out in hopes to encourage a movement or something to make other servers more popular at night because the trading server is a terrible place to play in. The original trading server, uswest, is the most populated i’ve seen. I try using the EU servers but no luck there since the lag is equally as annoying. This was just something i wanted to throw out here and see if any other players can relate. Bye and enjoy your night <3


australia is very active


I can’t say much here, I’m quite alone most of the time because I main on ASE and AE. Day time or night time, it’s always quiet and tranquil here. Kinda makes my expeditions to Janus + Thicket a lot more drawn out and tedious, but I do appreciate the boss fights more and it has helped hone my skills in tackling them further.

I’d do AUS but that server is even laggier than EU for me. Kinda weird considering AUS is just a little down south so it shouldn’t be that laggy, but ah well. I sometimes hop on US servers if I feel lonely and want to speed up my grind at times.


I dunno, I was just on USW for a few hours, and we had two realms of about 60 players online.


Try the west coast servers (USW, USW3 errrrr… maybe USW2) since when you posted this it was 2:52am for me on the east side.



USS3 is usually fairly active for me, but you can look here to see which other severs are worth checking


USW2 is always active with always one realm full


When you talk about night time and do not say which time zone you are in … your whole discussion is pointless. RotMG is played all over the world and just because you play on a few servers that does not tell us your time zone.


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