A STory of War III, events [Para/Lab May 8 to 14] & Open Beta Bonus Program winners!


Wtf is this new Samurai set?
Producer's Letter: Oryx 3 and DC's







I saw a “ness” and got excited
But then it was Grumpness
Kinda like a fake white bad but worse



Alright, I have a question kind of related to this. How does one become a, what is it, a UTC member? Because from what I understand, they work with deca (sort of) to help better the game and come up with/create new ideas for things in it, and that sounds like something Id enjoy doing.


A UTC member is a person living in the UTC timezone.

A UGC member is a person that have good ideas in general, and chosen by Deca. Their role is mostly to grab cool ideas on Reddit and the forums.


Okay, thanks. I knew UTC wasn’t quite right, I just couldn’t figure out what it was. So your basically saying that there’s nothing you can do to become a UGC member, you just have to be chosen.


oh boy more items that can only be obtained through real world money for multiple months, very cool and good for the game.


I’m wondering how much longer the Doorwarden Shards are going to be around… Think I will try again for the robe out of this pair of events.

Menu news graphic for this one:



Wizard am now become speed!


Not exactly!
UGC members are pretty much always closed testers, as well.
There’s basically two main methods of “getting into” UGC:

  1. Win an Art Contest.
  2. Leave a lot of feedback during public testing sessions.

Note that both of these should also be supported with you being at least somewhat known in the community as a neat person in some way, y’know?
I mean, hey, it certainly helped with me :3

Also not wholly unrelated, here’s a topic talking about the new Samurai set:


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